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Steal traffic and ranking of your competitors (ethically) - must have tool for every webmaster

While most of us seem to hate our competitors that beat us on the first page of Google, it should be a way to learn from them. 

Introduction to SEMrush

Do you have to do a keyword research before writing an article? While it is not a must, it is still very important. Why should you waste your time writing articles that no one wants to read? You need to have the track of your competitors at your fingertips. While creating content is important, creating content that goes viral and shared is the most important. What if I told you can track the success of your competitor content like a mirror and use it for your SEO success?

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a keyword research tool that shows the keyword a site is ranking for.(Includes all websites, yours or competition). It has been on the market for long and has thousands of happy users.
By using this tool, you can access any top-ranked websites in your niche and see the keywords in their arsenal. This will make your marketing efforts more both effective and easy since your competition did the hard work for you.

 SEMrush features:

  • See your organic search or that of your competition
  • See what keywords your competitors is bidding to display ads
  • See backlinks and plan how to develop more backlinks
  • Low competition keywords.
  • Keep track of your social media marketing efforts
  • Track your keywords closely.
  • Get SEO ideas that could be affecting the performance of your site
  • See what could be preventing you from landing on the first page of Google(Top 10 results)
  • Monitor your brand and discover new backlink opportunities
  • Get SEO site health of your site and fix possible problems
  • Discover how to create a winning video campaign and make money with them.


What SEMrush Can Do for You?


1. Organic Search (Yours or your Competitors)

Don’t see your competitors as a threat but rather treat them as a resource. You can track things like:
  • What type of content are they posting?
  • Which is their main source of traffic?
  • Which websites do they get backlinks from?
  • Where is the referral traffic come from?

With this, you can make you competitor feel stupid by creating more epic content and attract  backlinks from other authority sites.

2. You can make your site's audit

What could be hindering your site from getting the first page? That is the dream of every webmaster. To reach a larger audience. Could it be:
  • URLS that are long
  • Missing Meta Description
  • Images without Alt tag
  • Lack of in-depth content and so on.

I have a lot of errors. Need to be fixed!

3. See your Top Referring Domains

Backlinks are dead? You are wrong. To this day, backlinks still work. Mind you, I’m not telling you to practice BlackHat SEO backlink building. You can use the Skyscraper technique to get white-hat backlinks without ever worrying about penalties. If you can get one backlink, then you can get 10s, 100s or even 1000s backlinks from the same site. When you know your strong points, maximize them and beat your competitor completely.

4. Domain OverView and Backlinks

Here you will see your organic search as well as the total number of active backlinks bringing traffic to your site.
How Can I use that to my advantage? 
I’m glad you asked. If for example, your backlink is coming from a comment (Most newbies begin from there). You Can continue being active on the website or forum and reply to comments related to you. My trick - if a moderated wordpress website approve your first comment, next one will be auto-approved so you can get many backlinks from that website easily.

5. See Your Top Performing Keywords

From which keywords are you getting most of the traffic from? This could be reviews or something that you are actively promoting. Sometimes, you may be having no idea as you can rank for  keywords that you never even targeted.

How to Take Advantage of this?
If one of your pages can rank on the first page, it means that most(if not all) of your pages should be found on the first page. You can give other pages lagging behind a boost by having an internal link pointing to one of your top performing pages.

6. Traffic Analytics

I’ll be blunt on this. A website without traffic is useless! It’s always great to track how you are moving in order to know where you are going wrong in order to correct. 
Know what made an increase in traffic a certain month? Use that technique to grow your business even further.

7. Domain Vs Domain

This is where you can measure real competition live. No games. You can compare up to 3 competing websites organic keywords or paid. See your Top Performing keywords and that of your competitor.

My final thoughts

SEMrush is an awesome tool if you want to create content that people find and like. It will make it easy for you to crush your competitors and steal their rankings and traffic. Before writing any piece of content, you should ensure that there is a possibility of people searching for that piece of content. While there are so many keyword research tool, they don’t perform some of the tasks performed by SEMrush. SEMrush has come in an All-in-one SEO package tool that caters for all your SEO needs under one roof!

  • Analyze data on more than 130 million domains and >800 million keywords
  • Uncover your competitors' organic and paid search strategies
  • Find the most profitable keywords for your website

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